I started posting the first segments of what became "The Open Heart Series" in my "Personal Blog" in the weeks before I went to CU-Denver Hospital to have my chest sawed open and have my aortic valve replaced. Writing was a way to process what I was going through, including the massive fear I faced. Somewhere along the way, I realized it would be a good idea to consolidate the stories as much as possible, so that others facing a similar experience might benefit from an outline of what I went through. In an effort to put all the scattered stories into one place, I have the hyperlinked titles listed below in chronological order. More related stories are still on the way, perhaps for a long time to come.

Facing the Future with an Open Heart

Clinging to the Moment with an Open Heart

An Aspiring Hardman

Don't Watch the Movies

Walking the Long, Red Hallway

Going Under in 3, 2, 1...

While I was Out

Waking Up to a Fresh Start

Still Waking Up

Pills, Pills, Pills, Rest, Rest, Rest

Eating What I Am

Back on the Rock

Muscles Are Weak Without the Mind

Continued, Spectacular Recovery


AuthorDerek Franz