I had a partner once.

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10 Days After summit-2004.jpg
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We clicked, him and me.

Everything always

worked out fine.

We climbed mountains

from C


to C


We got along great

and up we went,

with or without a tent.

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10 Days After-2004.jpg
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But now no more.

He has a wife and kids, now, you see.

Prestons-Bozeman-2016 cropped.jpeg

Can't say I blame him much.

He has two homes, now,

and earns two or three times as much.


I keep calling

to get out

just one more time.

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Gallatin Canyon-2016.jpg


Occasionally we get together.

 I look in his eyes

and imagine

we each see some jealousy.

I'm still climbing hard, now, you see,

and I'm sure he sees a bit of longing

in me.


It's then our eyes glitter

as they did

all those years ago,

under blue sky, sun and snow.

We suffered sometimes

but all of it was fun.

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Petite Greypon-aborted winter attempt-04.jpg
Petite Greypon-winter attempt-04.jpg
Petite Greypon-winter success-04.jpg
Petite-winter success-2004.jpg


I still have that partner,

that brilliant ol' son of a gun.

Todd Preston-Bozeman-2016.jpg


It's a bit different, now.


we click, him and me.

Everything always works out fine.

High above Camp 4-2005.jpg


There's a lot more to look forward to,

all the way up

to the end of the line.

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AuthorDerek Franz